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Krita Sprint News

During the last two weeks I've had the luck to visit the Netherlands, which is the house of the Krita Foundation and where we had the development sprint, it was a nice experience, in fact I am still here in the Netherlands, right now in the city of Amsterdam writing this in the office of the Blender Institute.

But this blog post is focused on my project, so let me focus on it. I'll probably write more babout the details on the trip on a later post.

During sprint a lot of progress was done in my brush. New classes were written: KisVectorShapeObject to work as a single brush tip that will hold both a KoShape and a QImage this type of brush then will be then a part of the pipe that will feed KisVectorHelperPipe this class will hold all the KisVectorShapeObject and will also be a class that inherits from KisBrushesPipe this is necessary to be able to hand the pipe properly, because to properly implement this type of brush it is necessary to overwrite paintDevice which is a const function and we would not be able to modify the members of the class, hence the need for a helper class.

There is also a new KisVectorBrushParasite class, that will hold the Index of the brush and will do a parsing of the source file from SVG to a Qlist of KoShapes and later each shape will be its own KisVectorShapeObject.

The good news is that the brush is almost finished now and all the basics are working now, I just need to do a few changes to be able to change the resize the brush properly and to transform the brush to a mask instead of an image. I also need to add the option to save as an Animated Vector Brush to the UI

Right now I am a little short of time, so I'll write more details when I arrive back to my house, I still need to do a long trip back home of around 40 hours.