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New beginning

Starting again

Not so long ago, I was trying to start this blog, but sometimes life doesn't go as we expect it. Over the last few weeks I've been trying to learn accept that I can't do everything that I wish, but I can still do stuff. I read a very interesting phrase: "anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly", this is such a relaxing motto, I don't have to be perfect at everything. I can accept my depression and the fact that sometimes I won't do as I expect and that's OK too.

Good news that made me happy

Over the last few days I've had a few great news and some small wins. I was accepted in Google Summer of Code as a contributor to Krita, this gave me so much happiness. I also got my passport so I feel one step closer to the Krita Sprint and it is going to be awesome, I am really excited to meet everyone because everyone who is part of Krita has been great to me, Krita has this great positive community. I also started to do contributions to the manual and even though is something small I feel proud of myself. I also asked for a KDE Developer Account.

I also had been going out more and working out, which is a nice change after being depressed and solitary for so long. And I've been more happy and optimist about life in general. I also got my grades for this four month period: 9.9,9.8,9.7,9.0,9.0, so I had a good period, but a new one has started already.

Krita and GSoC

Right now Google Summer of Code just started we are in the community bonding period, so there are not many updates about it, but I hope to have more soon.


I would like to submit a paper for Akademy, but I've never done something like that, so I am stilling thinking how can I give something of value to the community and talk about the important problems Mexico is facing and how the KDE community can help: journalists, activists and lawyers being spied by our government, we are the country with the most journalists assassinated, during the last election 150 politicians were killed, the violence is in the rise again.

This means Mexico has no freedom of speech, because if you speak out, you get killed. We don't have free press, because if you are a journalists the government will spy on you at best, at worst you might end dead. The situation is bad, but I think KDE can help to bring privacy and security in the digital world, I just need to think about how exactly I can write a good and relevant proposal.


School has started already, I am studying a master on Law of IT, I get to investigate and learn about free software licenses, patents, privacy, internet and everything related to IT in general, from a legal perspective, because I would like to help Free Software as a lawyer. I've been told several times Free Software communities need so much legal aid. So I hope I can be useful someday.

This semester looks good so far. I've homework to do. Thanks for reading.